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Invention formula this short is formal - logical definition of essence of the invention. In a formula of the invention known signs are described there is nobody technical object (prototype), restrictive part of a formula of the invention and distinctive (new signs - distinctive part of a formula). Formulas happen one-unit, two or multilink. If in an invention formula 2 or more links, each subsequent link (point of a formula) are based on previous, and eventually all of them are based on the first point of a multilink formula. Invention formula example.

The written - (transactions of legal entities among themselves, transactions persons with citizens, the transaction between citizens, if the amount of transaction exceeds 10 min. salaries) If party did not execute it, they are deprived of opportunity to refer in case of dispute in confirmation of the transaction fact to testimony. Requirements to a written form: the written form, its requisites (the press reliability, the form, a form - additional conditions strengthens), signatures of participants - are obligatory.

Objects of the invention - the device, a design, technologies, substance, material, a strain of a microorganism, culture of cages of plants and animals, application of one of 5 earlier known objects on new appointment (inventions on application. Conditions of patentability of useful model.

Voluntary elimination - in a voluntary order the legal entity can be liquidated at the request of his founders (the participant or the body authorized by them (according to constituent documents). Due to certain bases. The most widespread bases are:

Article 213 point 4 of group of companies. Non-profit organizations have the property acquired in the course of activity in property. At the same time at the initial stage they unite property. (Article 116 Point 1, article 117 of Civil Code, article 118 of group of companies).

Formula: The name of a place of goods origin is the name of the country, settlement, district or other geographical object used for designation of goods which special characteristics only or mainly are defined characteristic for this geographical object,

There is a difficult and extensive classification of legal entities by various criteria. Classification of such subjects has very important practical value. Division of legal entities into types by 5 criteria:

The thing is the subject of the nature or a product of work possessing physical, chemical, biological, etc. properties i.e. a natural form. Vesha are subject to wear i.e. depreciation. Vesha it is material (corporal objects). They share on types.

General partnership (limited partnership). 2 types of participants - full companions with the mode (the status of participation and responsibility as full companions, in full of associations. - Investors or limited partners, those who participates only the property, in affairs of association as a rule do not participate if not that is not provided by the charter and answer on debts with the contribution. Investors are not specified in a trade name.

Other introduction to economic circulation or storage for this purpose the product containing the patented invention, useful model or an industrial sample, and also application of the way protected by the patent. Or any introduction to economic circulation or storage for this purpose the product produced in directly protected method.

Has inventive level. The invention has the inventive level if it for the expert explicitly does not follow from equipment level. This requirement is called on a miscellaneous. For example not evidence of the invention, invention level.

Besides very important place is taken by dependents - disabled persons. They have the most exclusive situation. Under article 532 - dependents inherit always. If the property is simply bequeathed to the state, it carries over the state article 55 When recognized as the dead, the inheritance opens. A place of discovery of inheritance - the last place of life of the testator within 6 months (article 546 of group of companies). Or location of the most part of property.