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Thus, in general it is possible to consider that the doctrine, according to Skinner, forms at pupils ­ to the doctrine, intensifies them, provides everyone possibility of work at speed, optimum for it, therefore the atmosphere of fear and a, passivity and boredom is eliminated, a template and lack of to efforts, say, the system of pedagogical influences on ­ considerably changes.

The following principles are the cornerstone of any programmed : principle of division of a training material into the small...; 1 principle... pupils; principle.: estimates of each answer of the pupil; principle... and rate of training; principle of the empirical... the programmed texts

Principle of an individualization of rate of the doctrine. This principle demands that pupils, passing serially through all framework of the program, worked at speed, optimum for themselves because only then they will be able to reach the corresponding results in the doctrine.

Between the traditional and programmed training testifies also that fact to a difference that within the - there are real opportunities to realize certain principles. If in traditional training the principles act as directives of a of the teacher, admit theoretically, from this does not follow that they are really realized in practice.

Informatization of training in modern didactics most often is understood as use of computer facilities and the related information technologies in the course of training as control facilities cognitive activity of school students and granting to the teacher and pupil of the necessary text and information supplementing the content of education.