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Whether really we are so defenseless before earthquakes, tropical cyclones, volcanic eruptions? What does the developed equipment cannot prevent these accidents and if not to prevent then to predict them and to warn about them? After all it would allow to limit considerably number of the victims and the extent of damage! We are far not so helpless. We can predict some accidents, and and successfully resist to some. However any actions against natural processes demand their good knowledge. It is necessary to know how they arise, the mechanism, conditions of distribution and all other phenomena, with these accidents the connected. It is necessary to know how there are shifts of a terrestrial surface why there is a fast rotary motion of air in a cyclone as quickly the mass of rocks can collapse on a slope. Many phenomena still remain a riddle, but, it appears, only within the next years or decades.

IV - the strong tsunami, the coast is flooded, coastal constructions and constructions are damaged. Large sailing vessels and the small motor are thrown out on the land, and then again washed away in the sea. Coast are littered with fragments and garbage.

During a flood: to avoid low located places which can be flooded at destruction of dams. Never to pass the flooded sites if water costs overknee. The stream can dump from feet, and in whirlpool of people becomes helpless. It is impossible to be transported through the flooded sites on the car, it is possible not to notice holes.

to superficial accidents, such as landslides or tsunami, and also fires. Other superficial accidents arise as a result of processes in the atmosphere where there is an alignment of differences of temperatures and pressure and energy is transferred to a surface of the water.

The essence of the seismic phenomena and volcanic eruptions is known approximately for 50%. Superficial processes - floods and landslides are best of all studied. Our knowledge of tropical cyclones makes about 75%.

The forecast can be amateur or professional, or scientific. Perhaps we underestimate amateur forecasts: people are allocated with unusual sensitivity, can see something, to other people the inaccessible. Repeatedly there were cases when unsophisticated fans did very exact predictions.

V - very strong tsunami, seaside territories are flooded. Breakwaters and piers are strongly damaged. And larger vessels are cast ashore. The damage is great and in internal parts of the coast. In mouths of the rivers high storm setups. Human victims.