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All main advantages of cast aluminum disks, and more are inherent in these disks. However they did not find broad application owing to very low corrosion resistance. Requirements to protection of a surface of such disks are so great that them cover with the special paints and varnishes resistant to influence of any external factors. Besides, use of steel springs for fastening of balancing small weights also promotes formation of electrochemical couple "steel-magnesium", capable to destroy a disk body.

At installation of chamber tires previously check a condition of an internal surface of a tire and, having convinced that on it there are no cracks and folds, slightly powder it talc. It is necessary to apply special assembly shovels to installation of tires and to avoid use of the subjects having keen edges.

Selection of a disk only for landing diameter can lead you to sad results the worst of which can be absolute "incompatibility" of the disk chosen by you and your car subsequently. Upon purchase of a disk only the competent expert needs to consider in addition a number of parameters, possession with which in full in power, long time "cooking" in this sphere. Let's give only the main.

For removal of a tire also use assembly shovels. At first remove one board of a tire, push out the chamber gate (from which the air was let previously out) from an opening of a rim and take out a chamber. Then, having shifted one board in profound part of a rim, remove from it other board.

It is possible to achieve durability of car tires by observance of all rules of their technical operation. The first requirement consists in the correct installation of car tires. Before mounting tires, it is necessary to check a condition of rims. The rim has to be pure, have the correct form. It is especially important that on a rim was not, dents, curvature, deep scratches at installation on it the tubeless tire. The rims having a rust smooth out and paint.

In use tires can be exposed to various damages. Most often cuts, grazes or a rupture of a protector of a tire, flaking of a protector, stratifying of a framework or its break, a puncture or a rupture of a chamber, the admission of air via the gate meet. Besides, at non-compliance with rules of technical operation of tires there is a fast and uneven wear of a protector.

Now have the widest circulation. Consist of a rim and the disk (plate) welded on it made of a steel sheet. Steel disks complete the majority of cars at manufacturers. Their advantages:

After the end of balancing increase air pressure in the tire to the set limits, tighten wheel bearings, restoring their former adjustment. Balancing of wheels is required after change of tires, causing wagging of wheels in the horizontal plane at the movement with certain speeds, and also in case of loss of balancing small weights.